Millennium International Consult provides all types of specific services in the field of business development for the Industries of IT&T, Petroleum & Gas and Real Estate.

Identifying Opportunities

Having extensive experience in Sales and Business Development and also accumulated market knowledge we can build a Realistic Pipeline, identifying the best opportunities suitable for our costumer’s portfolio.

Costumer’s Hunting & Introduction

Millennium International Consult has built specific and trustable relations in the field of IT&T, Petroleum & Gas and Real Estate industries in Balkan Peninsula Region and the USA. This is what we consider our INTELIGENCE NETWORK and our best value. Through our Intelligence Network we can introduce our partners to their target costumers.


Positioning is the proper placement of your company and its products/services within the total market for the products/services your company provides. Your company’s products and services need to be positioned properly within the market in order to find the most profitable niche. Our consultants have the experience and skills to research and position your products and improve your sales. Below are a few of the positioning services we provide.

  • Brand Positioning
  • Company Positioning
  • Market Positioning
  • Product Positioning


Having strong experience in the Procurement, Logistics, Operations, Project Management working with many vendors and partners we have build through the years our Data Base with price levels in the field of responsibility – that’s why we consider that our advice can be valuable for our customers to have from the very first day the best PRICE POSITIONING compared with the market environment.

Contract Negotiation

We provide negotiation preparation. We also act as negotiators on behalf of our clients. We provide a negotiation team leader or a whole team of negotiators to represent our client’ interests. We provide negotiators for all types of negotiation including employee negotiations, labor contract negotiations, commercial contract negotiations, employee conflicts and trade agreements. Our goal as negotiator is to obtain the best agreement possible for our clients. Our negotiation services are result oriented and efficient.